remembering_Balagopal (1)Dear friends,
This October 8, it will be 5 five years since Balagopal left us.
The Human Rights Forum is organising a commemorative meet on October 5 (Sunday) from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm at the Sundarayya Vignan Kendram Main Hall, Hyderabad. We invite you to join us in remembering Balagopal on the occasion.
There will be talks on three seminal topics:
GS Nageswararao, who was assistant public prosecutor in the Tsundur Special Court, will critique the recent High Court judgment acquitting all the accused in the massacre of Dalits.
Achin Vanaik, writer, activist and member of the Indian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel, will speak on the continuing tragedy of Palestine.
Supreme Court lawyer and human rights activist Vrinda Grover will reflect upon issues of State impunity and ongoing and past struggles for justice.
We shall be releasing five publications on the day:
1. Tsundur—Oka Maaranakanda Tharvatha (HRF publication in Telugu).
2. Tsundur—An Atrocity and its Aftermath (HRF publication in English).
3. Nigah II (2003-2009)–Compilation of Balagopal’s articles from Prajatantra (Devulapalli Publications).
4. Rajya Amanusham—Mulyam Chellisthunna Adivasulu (HRF publication).
5. Palestina Prajaporatam—Balagopal on Palestine (HRF publication).
The meet will be followed by lunch.
We hope to see you on the 5th.

Maanava Hakkula Vedika
Human Rights Forum (HRF)