Killing Of 26 Adivasis By Maoists An Inhuman Act

The killing of 26 Adivasis by the Maoists in a landmine blast near Kunta in Chattisgarh is a horrible incident. We condemn it unreservedly and invite all democratic forces to condemn it likewise.

However, the administration of Chattisgarh will have to share with the Maoists blame for the outrage. The administration of that State has given unbridled freedom to the forces opposing the Maoists–functioning under the banner of Jan Jagran Abhiyan about a year ago, and Salwa Judum now–to indulge in violence. These forces consist of not only Adivasi people unhappy with the Maoists but also non-tribals and Adivasi political leaders. They are gathering in groups and attacking Maoist sympathisers under the benign eyes of the police. Their houses are being burnt and they are being dragged to the police station and handed over to the police.

In retaliation to this the Maoists are gathering their followers and attacking these Jan Jagran and Salwa Judum meetings. An atmosphere of fear has prevailed in Dantewada district over the last one year. Yesterday’s incident is the culmination of that. Whatever the sins of the Chattisgarh government, it is inhuman on the part of the Maoists to have lain in wait and massacred the Adivasi people attending those meetings.

We have come to know that as a sequel to yesterday’s attack by the Maoists, a large number of Adivasis have run away from Kunta into Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh and are without food and shelter here. We demand that the district administration of Khammam take upon itself the responsibility of providing them with basic necessities.

S Jeevan Kumar
HRF State vice-president

K Balagopal
HRF State general secretary


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