‘Million March’ Desecration Of Statues A Reprehensible Act

The Human Rights Forum (HRF) unreservedly condemns the desecration of statues on Tank Bund and the destruction of media equipment by agitators participating in the “million march” on March 10.  In all, seventeen statues were destroyed, either partially or fully along with at least 20 media cameras and a media van.

Whether the destruction of statues was pre-planned or not, it remains a reprehensible act. The accompanying attack on media was clearly an attempt to ensure that this vandalism was not recorded. This wanton destruction of collective cultural heritage is an uncivilized act and the attack on media most undemocratic.

HRF has been pointing out that it was improper on the part of the State government to take upon itself the job of foiling the ‘million march’. It is a matter of record that the agitation for a Telangana State has been largely peaceful and non-violent so far and the ‘march’ organizers had been accommodative in confining the programme to just three hours on the afternoon of March 10. Given these express assurances, the government could have accorded permission for the ‘march’ and taken steps to regulate it.

Instead, a virtual police raj was unleashed not only in Hyderabad but in many other districts of Telangana over the past few days. Apart from the police themselves campaigning in some areas calling upon people not to participate in the ‘march’, thousands of activists were taken into custody. Misusing CRPC provisions, many activists, including students, were booked by the police in bind-over proceedings. Scores of trains and buses were cancelled and the city was teeming with checkpoints.

Whatever the sins of the State and Central governments, it was unjustifiable on the part of the agitators to have indulged in the kind of violence witnessed yesterday. HRF is of the view that the demand for Telangana State is entirely justified. However, those who claim to struggle for fulfillment of this democratic demand must do so with full responsibility and accountability.

HRF calls upon all parties and organisations struggling for a State of Telangana to ensure that such undemocratic acts do not recur. We also urge people in all regions of the State to uphold tolerance and democratic values in these trying times.

VS Krishna 
(HRF State General Secretary)

S. Jeevan Kumar
(HRF State President)


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