Rally to Protest Attacks On Christians By Fascists

The ongoing violent attacks on members and properties of Christians in South Orissa is of very grave concern. These murderous attacks, carried out by Hindu fundamentalist organisations like the VHP and Bajrang Dal etc, have been continuing since the past one month in Kandhamal district of Orissa. In recent weeks such attacks have also taken place in several districts of Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. In all these States, the government has either been complicit in the attacks or a mere spectator.

In Kandhamal district itself, over 50 Christians have been killed in these attacks and over 1,650 homes torched and 100 of churches and prayers halls destroyed. This has resulted in nearly 30,000 Christians being involuntarily displaced from their homes. Even today, there are about 15,000 Christians in 11 relief camps while over 10,000 more have simply fled the district. All of them are terribly insecure and are unable to go back to their villages because of the fear of further attacks by the VHP and Bajrang Dal. 

Ours is a diverse, multicultural and secular polity and society in which there should be no place for such intolerance and hatred. Several human rights, Dalit, womens’ and mass organisations are holding a rally in Visakhapatnam city on Wednesday (Sept. 24, 2008) to condemn these attacks by the VHP and Bajrang Dal. The rally will begin at 10 am from the Ambedkar Statue near the LIC Building and will culminate at the Collectorate.

We appeal to all those who cherish secular and democratic values to participate and raise their voice against the fascism of the Sangh Parivar.

VS Krishna
HRF State secretary


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