Representations (English)

HRF Submission to Chief Election Commissioner urging door to door cash delivery of social security pensions in tribal areas

We would like to highlight a discrepancy in the circular regarding the eligibility criteria for AEPS (Aadhaar Enabled Payment System). The circular mentions that the transfer will be made to pensioners who are eligible for AEPS. This is confusing because to transfer cash, one needs to be eligible for ABPS (Aadhaar Based Payment System) and not AEPS. The AEPS is necessary for cash collection using Aadhaar and biometrics, whereas ABPS facilitates cash transfer into bank accounts. This discrepancy needs to be addressed urgently to ensure clarity and smooth implementation of the disbursement process.

Press Statements (English)

HRF complaint to The Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) regarding the hate speech of the Prime Minister during an election rally in Rajasthan

It is the HRF’s opinion that the Prime Minister’s speech constitutes a blatant violation of the Representation of the People Act and the Model Code of Conduct. They are clearly intended to incite hate and violence. We urge you to investigate the hate speech expeditiously (the links are given below) and to also initiate appropriate action.

Representations (English)

HRF appeal to CM, Telangana to declare amnesty to the eligible prisoners in the Prisons of Telangana

We desire the government to release all Life Convicts who have completed 14 years of sentence including remission period, with no reference to the criminal sections. We request the Government to review the issue of the prisoners undergoing substantive sentence with sympathy and release them prematurely. Those who are sentenced under Cr.PC 302 and completed 7 years actual sentence and 3 years remission period be released.

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