HRF appeal to Governor, Telangana to issue orders for the premature release of the selected prisoners.

The Honourable Governor,
Government of Telangana,
Telangana state.

Respected Madam Governor,

Sub: Request to dispatch the file pertaining to premature release of life convicts and non-life convicts, by the Government of Telangana.
Ref: lr.No.RC3/ 913/2023, Dt.24-01-2024 from Government of Telangana

The HUMAN RIGHTS FORUM (HRF) is a non-political, non-funded voluntary body of citizens. It was established two decades ago, with the objective of protecting the constitutionally guaranteed and internationally recognized rights of the people.

Our Forum collected detailed information on the life convicts and other convicts in the prisons of Hyderabad. We suggested that 547 prisoners, who completed 10 years of imprisonment and 5 years of remission, be granted release on humanitarian grounds as a token of gift by the new government.

The government was kind enough to release 231 prisoners (including 30 women prisoners) after careful examination of the prison records. This was widely reported in newspapers and was also reported in the Assembly when an M.L.A posed a question regarding the same subject. After the ratification in the State Cabinet, the file pertaining to the premature release of prisoners was sent to your office a month ago for your consent and approval. The family and friends of the prisoners, as well as the inmates themselves are anxiously awaiting the Government Orders in order to be released. They fear that their release may either be delayed or put off if the upcoming Parliament Elections are announced and the subsequent election code comes into existence.

On behalf of the prisoners and their families, we earnestly appeal to you Madam, to view the issue with humanity and issue orders for the premature release of the selected prisoners.

Yours, sincerely,

S. Jeevan Kumar & V. Vasahtha Laksmi

Coordination Committee members, HRF

Dr.S. THurupataiah

State General Secretary, HRF

03.03.2024, Hyderabad

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